Affiliate Disclosure

Last Updated: October 9, 2020


Some products purchased on this website may pay an affiliate commission to Navigate Your Life Personal Development.  The price paid for the product will be the same as if the product was purchased directly from the seller; it will not cost our customers more by purchasing through our affiliate link.  In some cases, our affiliate link may provide an additional discount or valuable bonuses.

When the products or services of companies are promoted on this site, the opinions are not representative of these companies; they are the opinions of the owner of Navigate Your Life Personal Development.  We recommend products or services that we have used personally or believe, based on research, will provide value to our audience and provide a source of revenue that helps Navigate Your Life Personal Development fulfil or mission of developing the next generation of leaders that improve the lives of the people they serve with purpose driven projects delivered by inclusive teams.

What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is an individual or business that has partnered with a company to help them sell their product or service.  It is one way a company ensures their product or services is reaching and adding value to the right people.  The company pays the affiliate (the individual or business) a commission or other compensation for promoting their product or service.  Many small businesses use affiliates to grow their name and many small businesses become affiliates to enable their client success with products and services they trust as well as to support their own business growth. 

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