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Technology Should Enable Your Process, Not Drive It!

resource Apr 05, 2020

By Marianne Bell

Learn how I added subtitles to my videos for no cost!!

As a project management professional, I have a lot of experience gathering software requirements in addition to managing the development and implementation of software. I know the importance of understanding what process the software will enable and ensuring it is designed with the user’s experience in mind.  

I can tell you from my experience that not every software company understands this so when I found Kapwing, I was cautiously optimistic with the free version of their software that offered full functionality. 

“Kapwing empowers people to make and share their stories on the internet”

I am super excited to say that Kapwing has exceeded my expectations with their free suite of online image, video and GIF editing tools.  I am also super excited that the price to upgrade is accessible to people like me who are just starting out in their business and do not have a large budget to invest in technology.  

Here was my requirement.  As an online coach, knowledge broker and coarse creator transforming into a digital CEO, I needed to add subtitles to the videos I create so that I can add value to my audience regardless of where, when or how they choose to learn.   

Below is a screenshot of the video I was able to add subtitles to.  


This 5 Steps To Realize Your Dreams video was the outcome of the SPEAK! Canada course I took in 2017 and was available on YouTube.  I was able to copy the link, paste it into the Kapwing subtitler tool and automatically create subtitles.  Despite the fact this feature is a beta version, it worked perfectly for me.  The amount of edits I needed to make were super easy and minimal.  

I thought some people may find it useful to see a quick demo of how I edited the subtitles and created the video using the Kapwing subtitler tool.  Click on the image below to view the video - let me know if you find it valuable! 


Make and Share Your Stories Online

Kapwing's mission is to enable digital storytelling.  Be among the people (brands, influencers, students, artists, entertainers, agencies) they serve who 'make video to share with friends, fans, or a following from all over the world'  

Follow Your Dream, Create Your Best Future and Leave The Tech Headache at the door by using Kapwing's tools today!  

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