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Podcast Episodes

Here is a list of the podcasts and episodes that are included in the searchable database above.

Mind Your Business with James Wedmore

Episode 20 is entitled "Discover Your Personality Type" which helps you discover your Myers Briggs type.  Access the episode on this page

I learned from this episode my natural preference is different than what my test scores have generally been over the years.

Episode 129 - 10 lessons From 10 Years of Messing Up. Access the episode notes on this page. 

Episode 297 is entitled "The Introverts Advantage".  If you are an introvert like me you will love the information he provides.  Access the episode on this page.

I learned as an introvert, one of my superpowers is connecting ideas that are completely unrelated.  

Episode 299 is entitled "How to Unlock Your Team's Full Potential". Access the episode notes on this page. 

This podcast provides valuable information the people you lead will probably not be brave enough to you, unless of course you are already leading in this way.  This also is for anybody who is craving to work in a high performing team environment that helps them work in their zone of genius as it provides valuable information for what to look for when you are interviewing / evaluating a new job.  (Yes, you get to interview your future employer as well!)

For The Love of Money with Chris Harder 

Episode 275 - Unexpected Lessons That Will Change Your Life.  Access the episode on this page

Everyone is your mentor if you are curious and take the time to listen for the lessons. 

Unstoppable Success Radio with Kelly Roach 

Episode 501: 5 Lessons after 500 episodes of Unstoppable Success Radio.  Access the episode on this page.

Great lessons in this podcast but consistency is a big reason for Kelly's success and one that I struggle with.  This is one of John Maxwell's 15 Laws of Growth "Motivation gets you going - discipline keeps you growing".  

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield 

Episode 285 - Crucial Lessons Learned From Creating My First Membership Experience.  Access the episode on this page

Lots of great lessons but one that was great to hear was it's ok to put the brakes on a launch if something doesn't feel right. Take the time to figure out what is going to be aligned with the life and business you want.  

Rich Roll 

Episode 472 - Chase Jarvis: Creativity is Our Birthright.  Access to episode show notes on this page

There are so many great nuggets in this podcast especially if you think you are NOT Creative.  Also some great tips for creative entrepreneurs - my daughter is just starting her professional photography career and I learned some great tips that I shared with her about only give away her photography for free when she is building her portfolio; otherwise, no discounts

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